You gotta know...

I’m addicted to adventures.

Whether it means climbing frozen mountains, exploring ancient temples or tackling down the complexities of a brand new project.

I am ready to jump right at it!

Thanks to a positive and ready-to-go attitude, I have been able to live as a digital nomad for several years while working all over the world for clients thousands of kilometers away.

It does not matter where I am at the moment, I am always willing to give my best to ensure that the trust my clients lay on me is never broken, delivering top quality results.

  • Planning projects by Sergio Camalich
  • Designing the best results by Sergio Camalich
  • Coding with standards by Sergio Camalich

I plan, design and hand code my own projects

I am currently based in:

Hanoi, Vietnam

Write me an e-mail or send me a postcard and let's work together!