Lost (in) Paradise

A compilation of photographs captured around Bali during the period of 2020 to 2022.

Lost (in) Paradise Cover Image
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Up to this point, my life has been marked by what seemed to be two different quests.

The first – an internal one – taking me through the depths of my soul, forcing me to look and accept both the light and the darkness emanating from it.

The second – an external one – pushing me further out into the world, as honestly and authentically as I can possibly be.

Throughout this journey, photography has remained with me as a way of gauging the relationship between these two aspects of myself.

In the end, both quests have led me here, to a place in which I am comfortably uncomfortable with exposing the inner workings of my being, confident that what I found was more than just a method for taking what I thought were “pretty” photos.

What I found was Meaning.

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