A simple question at first, strikingly difficult to answer a lot of the time. Coming from a society in which hard work with low rewards is seen as ethically correct and those who deny this philosophy are thought of as lazy, it can be hard to visualize a reality where suffering is not a required part of the equation for a good life.

How would this look if it was easy?

It is not the first time I encounter this question, but it is the first time that I’m taking it seriously, rather than sneering sarcastically at it because it’s all just a fantasy.

Is it really possible for this to be easy? Of course, it’s all up for interpretation. It would also depend on what we mean by ‘this’.

The beauty of it is that ‘this’ can act as a mirror. Though we might be thinking of a different ‘this’ — given our personal circumstances, upbringing, etc. — I have hopes of the possibility of finding a universal path to the easiness of ‘this’.

If this was easy, I would act calmly. At the slow, consistent pace of days. There wouldn’t be no wasted time. Not because I’m constantly on the run, but because knowing that time is the only thing I have, I’d honor it by making every second count. Even while waiting to pay at a supermarket with a single cashier open, I’d find ways to savor this moment.

There wouldn't be any grasping. To achieve, to finish, to be. Everything that's needed is already here, and anything that's not is not needed. I’d act as if I already own it, as if I’m already there. When things are easy, I am confident in every step, for every step I take is in line with the rest. Head and chest high, I’d walk through life looking directly at everyone’s eyes, unwavering in my gentle stride.

If this was easy, I’d give more than what I take for I know there’s always space for more. I’d never be depleted, for I’m always connected to the source. I’d rest, knowing myself supported all along. Heart cracked fully open, nothing but light emanating.

So, how to make it easy? By being honest, by paying attention to the whispers of the muses on my ear. But most of all, I’d feel.

I’d feel, I’d feel, I’d feel.

This is a prompt question made by James Clear in a recent edition of his 3-2-1 Newsletter.

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