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After graduating as a Graphic Designer from the University of Valle de Mexico in Hermosillo, I moved to Mexico City, where I worked as a Web Designer for one of the biggest digital agencies in the country.

In 2014, I left my job to fulfill my dream of traveling around the world. This decision turned into a 4-year journey that saw me traveling across 30+ countries, living and working online at a time when the term “Digital Nomad” was not yet fully established.

In my years as a freelancer, I’ve designed projects for dozens of clients across countries and industries, I’ve worked directly with CEO’s and developers at Silicon Valley startups and helped digital entrepreneurs create online businesses from scratch with no-code tools and automations.

Currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

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Freelance Consultant

2022 – Present

Product Designer –– Alka

2019 – 2022

Founder and Board Member –– Public Node

2018 – 2021

UI/UX Designer –– Beam

2017 – 2019

Founder –– The Arcae Project

2013 – 2019

Web Designer –– Element Studios

2011 – 2013

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Photography is my way of documenting the external aspects of my life. After years of focusing only in travel photography, my focus shifted as I realized the creative potential of photography as a way of expressing more than what’s captured on a single frame.

In 2022, I self-published my first photo book, Lost (in) Paradise, after documenting Bali during the years of the COVID pandemic.


First used as a mechanism for coping with the angsts of growing up, writing poetry and essays is how I make sense of the feelings that arise during any moment of my life.

It covers a wide array of topics, from personal relationships to insights about the Universe and my place in it.

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Flow Arts

Besides these two mediums, I also practice Poi, Fire Dancing and Contact Improvisation as a way of connecting body and mind.

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