In this page I’m publicly sharing the things I am currently doing or working on.

Similar to The Book of Stuff, its primary goal is to serve as a a guide that I can go back to whenever I need a reminder about what my current priorities are.

Last update: May 7, 2024.


Teaching Contact Improvisation regularly

Since April 2024, Sofia and I began teaching Contact Improvisation classes every Saturday.

Working together like is helping us grow in our relationship and preparing us for our trip to Portugal, where we’ll be participating at Portugal Contact Festival 2024.

Delving deeper into event production

I began working with a local team in the production of events, something I’ve been growing more interested in since my participation in the production of the last two Hoop Dream Retreats.

Writing articles about the creation process for personal brands

Creating a personal brand has been a journey of self-discovery, and I want to share more about this with potential clients through a series of articles that would help them go through their own journey.

Continually improving this website

After the original release of this website at the beginning of 2024, I’ve been doing small design updates and preparing the field for a new major update later down this year.

Keeping up a daily writing practice

For a long time I’ve known that writing is an incredibly important step in my creative process, so I am making sure to dedicate time everyday for it, through daily journaling and note taking.

Searching for a new house

Our neighborhood is getting increasingly busy. This is pushing Sofia and I to find a new home, possibly somewhere way outside Ubud, given the current crazy state of the balinese real estate market.

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