An online company helping women all over the world get rid of PMS, optimize their fertility and regulate their cycles.


OmCycle was looking for an overhaul to its online presence, hoping to reach a wider audience and increase sales of their online products.

For this, I developed their new branding, wordpress website, online store, marketing funnels, automations, CRM, task management and more.


Before working together with me, OmCycle lacked a professionally-looking online presence, struggled to sell online products without them being shared to other people without paying and didn’t have a way of connecting their different platforms in a cohesive way that helped increase sales.


Over a span of 9 months, I crafted:

  • New brand design reflecting OmCycle’s values.
  • Fully customized Wordpress website
  • Online sales, newsletter delivery and email communication through Kajabi.

Once this was finished, OmCycle was began selling 4+ online products and 1 live program, communicate with their captive audience more efficiently without having to spend too much time on it.

As an added benefit to working together, I managed tasks for the team and helped with accountability to make sure things were done as needed.

He is so supportive and I really love his action-taking, he was always there to check in and hold me accountable.

Pauline Goossens
Website design created by Sergio Camalich for OmCycle
Website design created by Sergio Camalich for OmCycle
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