Branding and website for medium and clairvoyant, with the purpose to assist and support the healing process especially when related to intergenerational trauma, grief or emotional distress.


Sofia and I began working together after she made the decision of creating a brand for her holistic work. Together we managed to bring forth a tangible vision for her business and put it into action through her branding and online presence.


Given the nature of her gifts, it had been hard for her to describe in simple words the type of work she could do for others, as well as talking about the path she had to take to where she currently is.


  • Over the course of a few interviews, we wrote her story, broke down her different offerings into packages, and created personas of her ideal clients.
  • Designed branding that fit her market.
  • Built a custom website on Squarespace.
  • Put together a scheduling system for all digital products via Calendly.

I am very happy with the structure and timeline presented by Sergio. It was essential for the development of the project and also helped me to grow in my business.

Sofia Nobre
Sofia Sundays
Branding design created by Sergio Camalich for OmCycle
Branding design created by Sergio Camalich for OmCycle
Website design created by Sergio Camalich for OmCycle
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