Greetings from Mozambique!

From stepping into the African continent for the first time and witnessing its highly contrasting realities, to the challenge of being in an environment with little stimulation and the freedom of movement I am used to, the last few weeks have been an interesting mix of experiences.

I must admit, it has taken me longer to adapt than what I expected.

Photographing in my usual way is practically impossible. It’s been hard to find the motivation to work on my personal projects. Haven’t found much space to keep up with my daily practices. Dealing with unusual personal dynamics and foreign languages has taken a mental toll on myself.

In general, things haven’t gone the way I thought they would on this trip.

And yet, I’ve written more poems in these two weeks than in the previous two months. I’ve found new approaches to doing photography in tricky places. New visions for the future have arisen. I feel more connected to my partner than ever before. I am writing a heart-felt letter to you now.

Sofia at the pool.

Though some things aren’t flowing the way I’d like, others are. Such is the way creativity works sometimes.

If I had remained closed to the idea that everything had to happen specifically in this or that way, I might have lost the ride of the new unexpected streams of creativity.

As frustrating as this can be at moments, thanks to situations like this one, I am constantly learning how to be patient with myself. To forgive when things aren’t moving, as well as appreciating when they are.

Keeping my eyes and heart open, helps find room for that.

Tying things together

This is the reason why, in my Stuff Manifesto, one of the main guiding points is:

All mediums point the same way.

Mediums come in all sort of shapes.

They are the channels through which a person expresses their inner world.

Not only relegated to the arts. They can also be found in other types of activities, such as sports, businesses and personal relationships.

When looked at carefully, mediums become a way of understanding oneself. The way I act and interact within the realms of a specific medium informs how I act and interact with the rest of reality.

By seeing all mediums as part of a wider system – namely, Me – I give enough room for the unexpected to happen and not be taken aback by it.

At the same time, rather than categorizing this unexpectedness in the usual “good/bad” paradigm, I can instead see it as part of the larger composition of my life.

Each moment, no matter the context, provides an opportunity to practice my craft.

To finalize

I’d like to share with you the the short poem that prompted me to write this letter:

Inspiration shows up
as a fluttering butterfly,
subtle and light, ready
for flight if one's not willing
to take the invite.

It edges the
perimeter of the mind.
Gentle movements,
baiting for action.

Don't struggle, don't rush,
don't scare it away.
Spring forward from
a place of awe.

Find grace in its touch.
View of the beach from the ocean

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